It's not about how many channels or lights you have. But rather how you use them.

Vic Fortenbach

Christmas countdown

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Merry Christmas!

Blink Midwinter 2011Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Blink Midwinter! The 2013 show is over but prep for 2014 is under way. It's a circle of lights thing.

In this little corner of the web we started sharing our Christmas lights displays beginning in 2008. In Christmas' past, our displays were very modest and static, with window wreaths, and either mini lights in shrubs or floodlights on the house.

We kicked it up a notch in 2008, thanks to computer software and hardware that lets you to animate the lights to music broadcast via a low power FM transmitter to the comfort of visitor's cars, and awesome communities of Christmas lights enthusiasts both on-line and around metro Atlanta. It will be a few seasons before our display is large enough to be seen from space, but we're working on it.

Canine Assistants
We're delighted to support Canine Assistants in their tireless dedication to raising and training service and seizure response dogs. Since there is no charge to the recipients of these dogs, this non-profit organization depends on donations to continue this life changing work. If you wish to express appreciation for the show, donations can be made directly to Canine Assistants from their website or in the collection container on the right side of the cul de sac.